Men have always worked with clay, stone, wood or bronze, making artistic creations or dreams come true, works that were important to them, allowing them to engrave a timeless memory.

The long voyage from working with clay to casting bronze is a surprising one. It uses many different techniques, modeling, sculpting earth, moulding the statute to pour in wax and coating this wax with fire-proof materials. The cast bronze will be poured into this new fire-proof mould, obtained when the wax evaporates and which is high temperature resistant. (Bronze is a metal alloy composed of copper and tin). When the statue has cooled down, it will then be cut and lastly it will be given its definitive patina.

When I first started, I wanted to sculpt the heads of my grandchildren and I chose bronze, this noble material to immortalise them and leave them with a souvenir of their grand-father.

Little by little I had the idea of bringing in an element of movement, expressions, feelings and sensuality in this material called Bronze.